What does my resume need to have?

Friday 4th September, 2020

I have complied numerous client questions over the years and today I answer them for you within this article.

Question: Does my resume have to be one page?

Answer: NO…I have never written a one page resume for a client and I write about 8-10 resumes per week. And yes my clients land jobs daily.

Why?: It’s going to be extremely hard for you to tell everything you did over the last 10 years on one page. OK, maybe you father said you have to have a one page resume, and that might have been true decades ago.

Question: Do I need to put references?

Answer: NO

Why?: This is something we did decades ago and is no longer needed. They will ask for them if they need them. Please do not write… “References upon Request” on your resume either. It is a waist of space.

Question: Word or PDF formatting

Answer: It depends. It depends on how you apply. If you apply via email. PDF looks the best = use PDF. If you apply on a company website and they don’t say which format = use Word Doc. ATS doesn’t like PDF….Word Doc it is.

Why?: I have had numerous clients say they never get calls for interviews. I find out they have been using PDF. We create an amazing resume via Word Doc and guess what? They started getting calls.

Question: Education first right…?

Answer: It depends. If you have zero work history and your schooling/education is really all you have….then the answer is Yes. For everyone else Education on the bottom because normally its your work history that matters most.

Why?: Recruiters and Hiring Managers are only going to spend 30-40 seconds top’s on your resume. Don’t waist a second of that time on education.

Question: Why should I care about the ATS?


Answer: Did you know 50-60+ % of all resumes never get seen because the evil resume bots are standing guard. Waiting to review your resume vs the job description. If your resume doesn’t match up enough of the key words, your resume never gets seen.

Why?: Click ▶ here ◀to watch our 45 second video to explain what the resume scanning software actually does

Question: I don’t have Metrics to put into my resume…what do I do?

Answer: I get it, not every job/company has metrics but I know you still have Accomplishments and Achievements you can mention.

Why?: You must put in Metrics, Achievements, and Accomplishments so that others can see you doing those same things with their organization. Please only use bullet points for those Metrics, Achievements, and Accomplishments. Bullet points draw the eyes towards those Metrics, Achievements, and Accomplishments. Too many bullet points on a resume and guess what…it’s not very appealing.

Question: Do I need to put my address?

Answer: NO, City and State please

Why?: It is not relevant and no longer a best practice.

Question: Should I put my LinkedIn URL or Hyperlink on my resume?

Answer: YES, heck Yes. But make sure you customize your LinkedIn URL and shorten it so it looks cleaner on your resume. And no hyperlinks please.

Why?: Can’t click on a hyperlink on a printed out resume now can you.

Question: Can I add color or graphics??

Answer: NO and Heck NO

Why?: These resumes “may” look cool but……these resumes normally do not have enough content and the ATS can’t scan logos, graphs, etc. It’s not about looking good, it’s about landing interviews. These resumes will not get you interviews….period.

Question: I think I still need help with my resume, who can I reach out to?

Answer: LinkedIn is full of amazing Resume Writers/Coaches to help you.

When selecting a Resume Writer/Coach you should do a few things.

Get on a Free 15-min call with them.

Scroll down to the bottom of their LinkedIn profile to review their Recommendations.
They should have plenty for you to review and see what they have provided to their clients.

Reach out if you are ready to land your Dream Job…

David Alto


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