Interviews got you LIKE THIS?

Monday 27th July, 2020

Don’t worry, we’ve all walked away from an interview feeling deflated.
Wishing we’d prepared more, sold ourselves better.
Remembering things we should have said.

As an interviewer, I’ve seen too many great candidates miss out on their dream job because they can’t sell themselves in person.

That’s why I’ve distilled decades of experience into my 1-2-1 ‘ace that interview’ coaching.

With over 5 hours of 1-2-1 coaching tailored to your exact circumstances, you’ll learn how to:

Impress interviewers with your unique qualifications for the role
Demonstrate your expertise with impressive, action-packed examples
Communicate with confidence thanks to practice-making-perfect
I can help you learn how develop stories (not answers) that come out naturally so that you feel and sound confident when your interacting during your interview.

I can help you identify the following:

Identify your USPs = Unique – Selling – Point
Demonstrate your value
Evidence your expertise
Practice – Practice – Practice

Go from feeling like the guy above to now feeling like a Super Hero before, during, and after your interview…

to now just waiting to hear those words we all enjoy hearing…

If you’re just not sure if you need help or not please reach out to me directly.

David Alto

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