How to Network on LinkedIn before applying for that job

Monday 27th July, 2020

So, you see that dream job you want to apply for and you have your resume/cv all ready to go so you’re approved to apply, right?

Not just yet…

Here is a great best practice when you find that job you really want to apply for

1. Go to your LinkedIn search bar and click inside it. Another box will open click “People”

2. After this another page will open click on “Companies” and then select the name of the company of the job you are interested in applying for and then click “Apply”

3. Now go back into the LinkedIn search bar and type in the name of the position you are wanting to apply for and then search (hit enter).

4. You could now select the city, “Locations”, where you live or the name of the city where you will be applying to.

This will allow you to search for those doing the same job as you want to apply for.
Stay on the first page of LinkedIn members unless you need to click on the next page.
Message about 7-9 LinkedIn members doing that same job that you want to apply for.

And the Message could go something like this:
“Hello David, I see that you work for ???? in the role of ????. I have always been interested in learning about the culture at ???? and I was hoping you could provide me some insights into your experience with the company and your time in your position as well. Thank you in advance for any help you can provide.”

Now, when you get back some responses, remember not everyone will respond so please message several LinkedIn members, thank them for that response and you could say something like this:
“thank you very much David for that feedback and guidance. I did happen to see that your company has a new position open for something similar to your job (you can reference the job and job ID# if you wish). Hey, based on my LinkedIn profile do you think I would be a good fit for this position and should I apply?”

This is a super great way to get some insight and maybe a referral. A lot of companies pay out referral bonuses to coworkers that find and recruit top talent into their company.

You will also be connecting with others in roles that you want, so these new connections could pay off in the future. You can share industry/job best practices and build your following/connections on LinkedIn.

• You could do this exercise for a job you recently applied for…just edit that last response above.

• You could do this exercise for a job that you already applied for and maybe you got that mean rejection email…just edit that last response above.

• You could do this exercise if you don’t see a current opening at a list of companies on your short list…just edit that last response above.

And let’s face it…LinkedIn is a very giving community, so you could just land yourself that dream job by this best practice.

If you need help with any of this or maybe your resume isn’t up to par just yet, please reach out to me directly.

David Alto

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