Your resume is good...but is it good enough to beat the machine?

Use AltoAdvance, get past ATS machine, and land that DREAM JOB!

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Have you ever wondered why that job interview always look so far away?

 Why, even if you send out countless of job applications, you just can't get hired? 

Because the truth is...

most of the time 

Your application doesn't arrive at a recruiter.
It doesn't even land on a hiring manager's desk.
As a matter of fact, most of the time, it never gets seen by a human!

95% of BIG companies use the ATS: "Applicant Tracking System.

It's a  program that filters through resumes before someone actually takes a look at them.

So, it doesn't matter how long your list of achievements is.
It doesn't matter how impressive your resume looks.

Small and mid-sized. businesses are overwhelmed with hundreds and hundreds of applications 
And ATS is making their job 💯times easier

Imagine the hiring process as a large human funnel: applications arrive in big stacks, and at the other end of the funnel is not what you imagine.
There's no human being that gets paid to go through all of those applications…

No one will see your application unless "Resume Bot" approves it

It's simple as that.

Look, we know it's a hard truth to digest.

Knowing that there's no human factor behind the process could be discouraging.

You can't even pray that someone is in a good mood enough to read your application.
It's absurd, but if your resume doesn't have certain specific keywords… It just gets overlooked.

And all your efforts?
All your achievements?
All your hopes?

All because the machine decided that you are not a good fit!
Technology can be brutal.

We know what you're thinking: if this is true - and it is 100%, you can look it up
online - then how are you supposed to please the algorithm?

How are you supposed to understand exactly what it wants?

How do you know what the machines are looking for, and what it likes?

Luckily for you, AltoAdvance has found the solution…
A solution that can -and will - change your life for better
Imagine you could beat the machine… by hiring another one.
Imagine you could win over technology with the same kind of technology.

You can basically use the same your favor.

  • What if landing a job wasn't a matter of chance anymore?
  • What if you don't need to send hundreds of resumes just to get a job interview 
  • What if you could just implement some simple keywords and get the interview?
Because we will give you the list of the exact words that you need to use so you feel more confident in applying...

Then you are done: you've beaten the system.

Your resume slips right through the scanning machine.

It ends on the desk you were hoping for.

Once there, the game is over: you just let your array of achievements do the talking for you.
The software it's designed to do just that.

Warning: This is not one of those tools that you implement and just "hope" it works

  • It's not a "use this and pray that things sort themselves out" strategy.
  • ​It's not a manual on how to write your resume so that it looks good… 
  • ​It's not something that requires any skill.

This is a proven 3 step process that will increase the chance that your resume will be seen 


Submit your resume and the URL link to a job that you are applying for 


get a set of keywords that you need to include to increase your chances of your resume actually being seen 


land that interview, and get closer to landing that dream job!

This is why you need the AltoAdvance program!

It consists of 9 resume scans over 3 months that will increase your chances of your resume getting through!

Here are the 3 simple steps you need to follow:

  • Scan your resume against the job description.
  • ​Get your percentage match and your list of specific keywords
  • ​Implement those keywords in your resume.
And you're done. Yes, it's that simple!
No more frustrations!
No more "I have to get a job" anxiety!
No more struggles to find the right words!
It's crazy, isn't it?

All of this… for just $27,49.

    So, exploit this bargain: use the same secret weapon these companies are using to
    reject your applications… And turn it against them.
    Land the job of your dreams right now by enrolling in AltoAdvance's Program.
    This is literally EVERYTHING you need to get hired and stop living in anxiety!
    It's the secret recipe you were looking for!
    The most efficient tool to achieve your goals!

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